Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blasts in Varanasi and Bastard Advani to launch another !!

First the headlines....
  • At least 20 people were killed when two powerful bombs rocked the Sankat Mochan Temple and the cantonment railway station in Varanasi on Tuesday evening
  • Minutes after the first blast, another blast took place at a waiting room at the Varanasi cantonment railway station.
  • Soon after the blasts, three live bombs were recovered from the temple complex and one was recovered from a nearby restaurant.
  • Live bombs were also recovered from Godolia and Dashaswamedh ghat.
  • Donning the Hindutva cap once again after the Jinnah interlude, Leader of Opposition Lal Kishenchand Advani on Wednesday announced plans for undertaking yet another yatra in the wake of the blasts in Varanasi.
  • Making a scathing attack on the terrorist infrastructure in Pakistan and the "minorityism" being pursued by the Congress-led government, Advani said he and Bharatiya Janata Party chief Rajnath Singh will embark on twin 'national integration yatras'.

(NDTV Correspondent
Wednesday, March 8, 2006 (New Delhi/Varanasi).

Is the Police and Intelligence Agencies..blind..deaf and dumb...?? No, they are FUCKING IGNORANT they hardly care abt others...they have their pockets full...thats it..

Some son of a bitch bombs up a place and u bastards hold another yatra..Haven't u realised what did u all do the last time..Advani-ass hole stop ur fucking game... everyone knows...but i don't understand still ppl keep supporting that bastard Advani..what the fuck is Hindutva...killing it? Rajnath singh yesterday after the blasts gave a statement that this is all done by SAMAJVADI party...fuck u man...u r the biggest chut on earth who is trying to take the edge when elections are at the corner...don't u fcuking want to catch hold of that bastard who blew up the place...nahi..inko to apni "gaand" bachani hai...

After seeing Anand Patwardhan's movie--In the Name of God..i had mixed feelings about the whole Babri Masjid issue..but then..what the FUCK is going on...saale kutte politicians ki mili bhagat...madarchod khud hi ye blasts karvate hain...aur apne BULLET proof and shit proof cars mein baithe rehte hain..

It's very sad to realize that we YOUNGSTERS are fucking doing nothing..everyone thinks what can we do?? Chutiyon...tum nahi karoge to kaun tera BAAP madarchod leaders aaise hi chusste rahenge aur hum saale US ke sapne dekhte hue zindagi bita denge...

Sab ko "Bangalore" mein naukri chahiye...jahan subah se kaam karenge...phir kisi "PUB" mein jaa ke daaru piyenge aur masti waali life jiyenge...Chutiyon when will u realize that THAT very FUCKING bomb could have be under your ass....There is no mother-fucker who is even ready to fight for his basic rights here in the college...tum kya ladoge...

All fucking politicians who just wants to secure their future over ppl's life should be stripped and chopped to death...

If u feel that I'm some kind of a psycho...then i'm sry to say u r an ass-hole for not realising the reality.....

--AciD BurN


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